Adreano Alacchi

For FISA President

Hey all!


I am a U2 Finance major, running for theposition of President of the Finance and Investment Students’ Association(FISA). I am currently one of the VP Externals on FISA, and, I have also hadthe pleasure of competing at JDC Central and at the Australian UndergraduateBusiness Case Competition this year. Whether it was through rugby orinvolvement in student life, I have always seen the importance of community andcollaboration. Which is why, if elected as president, my goal would be tobetter the relationship of JMSB students and finance-focused communities byworking with local FinTechs, other university associations, in addition tostrengthening current FISA methods.


Given the recent announcement of FinanceMontreal’s FinTech Station, It has become abundantly clear that the FinTechstart-up space in Montreal is experiencing immense growth. Which is why I willreintegrate the Finance & Tech Case Competition. It’s also why I believeit’s essential to involve the FinTechs beyond the case component itself. Thiswould not only give students the opportunity to learn from non-commercestudents, but to engage in valuable networking with start-up founders andindustry professionals alike.  


Inter-university rivalry is great fun at sportsgames and while chanting at events, but it can lose its appeal when it gets inthe way of educational and professional growth. Most universities in Quebec andOntario have a finance association, but there is no broader communicationscheme between them. My goal is to open this previously unexplored avenue tofacilitate idea generation, and ultimately have an inter-university financeevent, aimed at uniting like-minded, driven students.


FISA’s mission has been to bridge the gapbetween what is taught in the classroom and the reality of the workforce. Thatbeing said, there exists no concrete way of measuring how effective thisbridging of the gap has been. I will add an element of data collection and analysisto the roles of VP Technology, VP Internal, and VP Communications, with the aimof improving our events and relationships with sponsors. Not only will thisserve as a benchmark for years to come, but it will also allow FISA to developa better functioning alumni network.


Over the course of the last few months, I havehad the pleasure of getting to know not only the members of FISA, but theirroles as well. The 2018-2019 team is full of drive, and is showing no signs ofstopping soon. If elected, it would be a pleasure to lead this ambitious teaminto the 2019-2020 year.

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