Afiyat Jahan

For JMMA President

Hi!  I’m Afiyat and I am running for JMMA presidency for the upcoming academic  year of 2020-2021. This past year, I was involved with JMMA as its  sponsorship coordinator. JMMA does an amazing job adding value to business  undergraduates' academic experiences and I would like to continue that along  with improving student life.
   When beginning my degree in marketing, I did not realize that students  could have such an impact when it comes to planning events, networking  opportunities, and even have close ties with faculty in order to improve the  marketing curriculum. Being the liaison between faculty and students, as well  as providing a valuable and impactful university experience for marketing  majors, has inspired me to run for president. I truly believe that we have  the ability to create change. The following is what I would like to  accomplish for 2020-21:
   Firstly, I intend to continue improving the marketing curriculum, such that  it reflects values and knowledge that can later be transferred to workplace  environments. This year’s team began this process and I believe it is  important to continue it. Having course content up to date with marketing  trends will benefit the students. Content can include, but is not limited to,  topics such as, graphic design, content creation, web design and many more.  
   Furthermore, JMMA did a great job bringing students skills crafting  workshops this year. I would like to continue offering these workshops to  students, but in more depth. I want to structure the workshops such that  students enter as beginners and leave as experts in a given skill. This will  provide students with the confidence that they have fully learned a hands-on  skill and will not feel as though they are stuck with only a basic approach  to that skill.
    Lastly, I would like to offer  marketing students more resources in terms of tutoring services through the  CASAHub app. It would also be great to have a partnership between CASA and  JMMA, where we can have a section tailored to content related to marketing  students, such as job tips, marketing internships and marketing trends. I  believe the CASAHub app is a great resource and it will be beneficial to  increase its visibility amongst marketing students.
    Hopefully, this has given you an  idea as to why I would like to fulfill the role as JMMA president for the  year of 2020-2021. Don’t forget to use your voice and vote!

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