Alexandra Fillion

For JMMA President

Hello/Bonjour! My name is Alex and I’m running for JMMA presidentfor the 2019-2020 academic year. Next year will be my fourth and final year atJMSB as a marketing major, and I plan to spend it bringing more value to themarketing students at Concordia. During my undergrad, I’ve had the opportunityto be involved with JMMA as a member of the embassy, as well as with JMCC as anacademic delegate for marketing and VP Marketing this year. Throughout myacademic involvement, I have realized the importance of representing thestudent body and putting them first. If elected, I will ensure continuedefforts to offer students the skills and networking opportunities they need tosucceed in the marketing field after graduation.

The first part of my platform is to strengthen the marketingcurriculum by meeting with faculty in order to begin the process of introducingmore up-to-date classes regarding topics such as web design, graphic design andsocial media. These subjects have become a crucial part of the skill setrequired when entering the marketing industry, and it is time to bridge the gapbetween what the marketing curriculum currently offers and what students needto learn. I will also be recruiting a faculty advisor in order to strengthenthe relationship between the association and the university.

The second part of my platform is to offer skills crafting to thestudent body. This will be made available through a workshop series, given bycurrent and previous JMMA executives by pulling from their knowledge andexpertise regarding subjects that are not currently available for students tolearn through the courses offered at JMSB. These topics include, but are notlimited to, social media for businesses, launching a blog and content creation.

The third part of my platform is to connect students with strongconnections in the marketing industry. Beyond continuing to host events thatencourage networking between students and marketing professionals, I plan toorganize tours of advertising agencies and marketing departments, exclusive toJMSB students. In addition, I intend on launching a mentorship program, whereJMMA will pair students with fitting industry professionals and/or graduatingstudents, to mentor them through their professional and/or academic paths.These pairings will be made based on what the students are looking to gain fromthem, as I want to ensure this program brings them the most value possible!

I hope this helps you gather a better understanding of who I amand why I want to be elected to the role of John Molson Marketing Associationpresident for the 2019-2020 academic year! If you have any questions, please donot hesitate to reach out to me! Thank you for your consideration and make sureto vote!

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