Amanda Onesi

For CASA VP Marketing

Hello, my name is Amanda Onesi and I am running for Vice President of Marketing for CASA JMSB. I am a third-year student majoring in Business Technology Management and minoring in Data Intelligence. Throughout this academic year, I was fortunate enough to be the Co-President of the John Molson Supply Chain & Business Technology Association (JSBA) and prior to that I was the Vice President of Marketing. Through this experience, I have learnt about several aspects of how subsidiaries work, the best way to target various students, and placed a lot of importance on continuously putting students’ needs first. Throughout my mandate, I will ensure to continue to create captivating content and offer students a wide variety of events to broaden their network within the student body and with professionals in their industry.

The first part of my platform is to promote and encourage students to get involved. I want to show students the value of the subsidiaries available at the John Molson School of Business. It is highly likely that you don’t know about the 17 subsidiaries we have available and that you can even be a part of! As elections are carried out, keep your eye open at the endless possibilities that you can take part in! All the involvement opportunities are around the corner!

The second part of my platform would include ensuring that students know about what is happening at their school. There are several events that you probably aren’t aware of, but would of liked to attend had you known. I would love for every student to have an equal opportunity to attend these events all while developing who they are as business students and growing their network, something that has truly been valuable to me over my university career.

The third part of my platform would be to create riveting content that will leave you “WOWed” and will make you spread the word about what’s going on at your school! I remember my first year of university, I wasn’t involved, and I would go to school for my classes and then go home, but I must say that getting involved is one of the best additions to student life and I would love to show you how much love I have for YOU! Throughout this past academic year, as Co-President I have ensured to ask for a lot of feedback from students after events, and it is what I have learnt that will allow us to bring next year’s events to all new heights!

Hopefully this will help you better understand the person that I am and what I would do as the Commerce & Administration Students’ Association’s Vice President of Marketing for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. I look forward to meeting and hearing from all of you! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have!

Amanda Onesi – The ONE(si) you want for your CASA VP Marketing!

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