Andrea Kilibarba

For FISA President

My  name is Andrea Kilibarda, I am a 3rd year Finance student at JMSB. When I am not studying, I enjoy  spending time with friends, exploring new restaurants and bars, travelling,  and reading. I grew up in Ottawa and always had a love for Montreal. So, when  it was time to choose universities, my top choice was JMSB. I am grateful to  have had an amazing experience at Concordia, much of it stemming from the  Finance and Investment Students’ Association events and my involvement with  them. I am currently the VP of External Affairs for FISA. Through my  experience, I have developed a love for bringing events and workshops to  students who are interested in the field of Finance. As a student myself, I  know how hard it can be to find your path. As President, my main focus would  be to help students understand the different career paths that Finance has to  offer and guide them towards their dream jobs. By truly bridging the gap  between the classroom and the industry, students will have the opportunity to  engage with industry professionals as well as with their peers. My main goals  are to (1) expand the engagement between JMSB students and the Finance industry. (2) to enhance student’s university  experience, by providing high quality events and creating a truly value-added  experience. And (3) to help students excel in their careers as JMSB students and graduates. I am a strong  believer that networking opportunities with industry leaders are an excellent  way to immerse yourself in the field, while gaining knowledge that you don’t  get in the classroom. Because of this, I am committed to facilitating those  relationships through my 2020 – 2021 mandate. I also believe that as student  needs and interests change, our events should adapt to them. If selected as  President, I will foster open communication between my team and the students.  In doing so, I will encourage feedback and provide a space for students to  voice their opinions for any new events and workshops. I am dedicated to  providing all students interested in Finance with the tools to further their  knowledge, their network, and their experiences.

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