Anojan Kanagalingam

For CASA VP Events

Hi my name is Anojan Kanagalingam, I am a JMSB student currently studying in accounting and I am interested in running for the VP Events position of CASA. In my final semesters of JMSB, I have decided that I would like to get involved in a position that allows me to make a positive impact on our campus life. I truly believe with the experiences I have gained as an event planner outside of University, I can bring positive changes and effectiveness to this position.

The basis of my campaign are as follows:

I will primarily be focusing my campaign on working closely and collectively with CASA’s subsidiaries. Our subsidiaries are the ones who cater specifically to the various majors found within JMSB. The goal is to allow the subs to use as much of CASAs resources as possible so we can help them take advantage and reduce some of their costs. As VP Events on CASA, I have a series of staple events which fall under my portfolio and I will be analyzing the budgets allocated to each of these events in order to be as cost effective as possible. Every dollar that is saved from my event’s budget, I would love to reallocate to our subsidiaries. I cannot stress the importance of focusing on our subs because they have a huge impact on our student life here in JMSB just as much as CASA.

Secondly, I would like to focus my campaign on the aspect of inter faculty collaborations.

At the beginning of every year we collaborate with the other faculties within Concordia to host a huge Frosh event at Beach Club. Like this event that has been happening annually, I would like to improve that relationship with other faculties and host more universal events open to all Concordia students in order to really branch out the CASA brand name. These can be a series of academic, social or career-oriented events. Regardless of the style of the event, I am willing to work along side the VP Academic and VP External of CASA to get this done!

As my Final Pillar I would like to focus my campaign on our well known 5a7 that take place on Thursdays. The culture of 5a7 have generally transformed from being a networking opportunity to a more chilling atmosphere in order to release some school stress. I would like to work with our upcoming VP External to see if we can integrate sponsors at some of our 5a7’s so that students can exchange contacts and potentially be recruited for job opportunities. I would like to promote the NEXT Gen methods of recruiting for students to benefit from rather than the typical process of applying online with a CV.

Take the time on to Go on my Concordia, my vote and vote for Anojan Kanagalingam, I promise you will see a change in your campus life. Check out my video, it will give a you a perfect resume of my style of work.

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