Brandon Caseres-Burke

For JSBA President

Hey guys, my name is Brandon Caseres-Burke and I have decided to enter the race for President of John Molson Supply Chain & Business Technology Association 2019-2020. I am a second-year student majoring in Business Technology Management and minoring in Supply-Chain Management. Throughout these past years, I was fortunate enough to have completed over 2 years of involvement in JMSB and competed in the Jeux du Commerce representing the school in the MIS discipline. I believe that these experiences and skills will help to lead the team forward for the upcoming year. Looking ahead, I am confident that I will be able to offer meaningful benefits and offer students a wide variety of events to broaden their network within the student body and with professionals in their industry.

The first part of my platform includes the added effort in our academic initiative to offer more workshops and review sessions. JSBA currently holds several excel and coding workshops that have been really popular among students from all majors.To add to this, we would like to partner with more professionals to offer more unique workshops showing skills and tools used in the workplace. Furthermore, we will look into introducing new Midterm and Final Review sessions for students that would wish to have more practice prior to their evaluations.

The second part of my platform is to promote and encourage more events that brings students in the same space as professionals and sponsors. We believe that career opportunities are built through strong and consistent interactions with key influencers from the industry. This will be done by hosting more networking events for students in our majors.Additionally, we will place our efforts into different means of creating those relationships. For example,holding company tours, speed interviews and making students aware of events happening outside of the school with better relationships with other academic institutions.

This leads me to the third portion of my platform which is to create stronger and wider relationships with other academic institutions. This will be done to try and offer more events at the disposal of student reach and grow the reputation of the schools and its majors. We have hosted case competitions in the past but always narrowed our reach to Concordia students. We would love to look into allowing more students from other universities to come and compete in our events in hopes that it can bring more opportunities for students here to also go and compete in other provinces or countries.

Lastly, I will ensure that no matter the vision that we start with, we would do our due diligence in making sure we offer what students really want out of their academic experiences through your feedback.

Hopefully you are all as excited as I am to have a fresh new start to a whole new year that I see can only get better with the right mindset. I look forward to meeting and hearing from all of you! Feel free to reach out to me if you are curious about the details in regards to all these initiatives!


Brandon Caseres-Burke

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