Caroline Di Vita

For JHMA President

Hey  there! My name is Caroline and I’m a third year Human Resource Management  student. I currently sit on the John Molson Human Resource and Management  Association (JHMA) as the VP Academics for HR. In a nutshell, I’ve been  responsible for answering any and all student questions related to the  degree; representing the student body on the HR Undergraduate Curriculum  Committee; and acting as the liaison between the CHRP and the school.  Although this has been a very rewarding position I am ready to take on the  challenge of being the president of JHMA. I first got involved because I  realized that I was not taking full advantage of the resources that were  available to me as a student. I was one of the many students that came to  school for class and class only. Since joining the team, I have made a ton of  new friends, I have learned more than I ever could have from just sitting in  class, and I have proven to myself that I am capable of adding value to  students’ lives in the CASA community.
   Along with the experience that I have gathered this year, I have also been  working at BDC in the HR department since May of 2019. I started with the  bank in Talent Acquisition and I now support Employee Services. I truly  believe that the valuable industry knowledge I’ve garnered makes me an  excellent candidate for the position.
   In terms of my plans for next year’s mandate, my goal is to create change  and add new meaning to the association. JHMA represents one of JMSB’s  smallest student populations with our total count reaching just over 900. My  hope is that we can cater our events, workshops, opportunities, and support  to the exact desires of the HR and Management student body. I want to create  more visibility for HR and Management related opportunities on campus, I want  to offer more services to the students such as a first year handbook and  weekly office hours to name a few, and I want to strengthen the relationship  between the student body and the faculty. If I am to be elected your  president, I believe that providing added value to our University careers  will be a team effort. Not only with my executive team but with you: the  students. I want to know what you want - help me help you.

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