Chantel Bii

For JMMA President

Hey everyone! My name is Chantel Bii, and I’m running to be president of the John Molson Marketing Association. As president, I promise to keep the interest of Marketing Major students above all, and this is how I plan on doing it:
1. Continue updating the Marketing Curriculum
2. Expose non-Marketing major students to the importance of Marketing 3. Make JMMA’s events more accessible to students
To improve the Marketing Curriculum, my goal is to begin working towards the integration of important hard skills into MARK courses, so that Marketing students can feel better prepared to take on the everchanging Marketing industry after graduation. These hard skills would include the use and understanding of Google AdWords, Graphic Design Softwares and Social Media Platforms.
Next, my goal is to keep non-Marketing students open and informed about the importance of Marketing and how it can affect any industry. I plan on including more speakers from diverse backgrounds in our events and networking sessions, in order to make students understand more the relevance of Marketing in all fields of work.
Also, I plan on making future JMMA events more accessible to Marketing students by giving each one an equal chance at attending. The cost of an event shouldn’t be a factor that holds someone back from the knowledge they could receive. Therefore, I aim at having sponsored tickets from different companies, which will be given to selected students, upon their request!
Having spent a year on JMMA as the VP of Events, I have seen and witnessed how the team works and understand the needs and wants of Marketing Students at JMSB. With my previous experience, I will be able to ensure that JMMA’s vision stays alive and that the Marketing Students are continuously being heard and having their needs addressed.

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