Chelsey Sahakian

For CASA VP Events

“You  having fun and smiling…that’s the best part” -Sahakian 2020

   I am running for CASA VP Events because I want give students a university  experience to remember.  As great as  the planning an event can be, the music, location and decorations, I think  one of the biggest factors to a successful event is not the amount of people  that come, it’s the amount of happy people that leave.

   If elected, I want to help create events that provide students with value.  Giving students something more to school than just the classes they attend.  Whether it is through the social events to help them unwind, or the  networking events that can land them their dream job, I want to be able to  give those opportunities to students.   Along with this, I want to implement a new initiative to allow more  students the opportunity to get involved without having the full  responsibility of being on an association. Providing more students with the  opportunity to get involved is very important to creating a stronger  community within JMSB. Lastly, I would like to increase the sustainable  efforts for events. Ensuring all events, from 5x8’s to the Halloween party  and Business Banquet, create less waste overall. There have been a lot of  efforts implemented that I would like to keep up and better throughout next  year.

   I would also like to continue the focus of RFID and its further  implementation. Working with a new company to ensure that all major events  are using this technology. It allows us to reduce single use paper bracelets  that would be needed for entrance and it helps create a safer event since the  student’s information is uploaded on the RFID card. I strongly believe that  RFID is the next step for all events at JMSB and I am prepared to take on  that challenge.

   So why vote for Chelsey? I am passionate about this position, I understand  the amount of work necessary and the time it takes to plan the events. My  experience being involved this year has allowed me the opportunity to plan  bi-weekly social events and help with large events open to the whole school.  I have been able to excel in many areas and better my time management and  project management skills. I am confident in my ability to help give you the  university experience you can enjoy.

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