Colin Long

For CASA President

Going  into my 4th and final year as an economics major in JMSB, I’m always seeking  the next challenge. As an international student, I love the excitement of  being in unfamiliar situations. When I first joined JMBLC in May, I had never  been involved in CASA. After just five months on the committee, I took over  as Co-President and have learned a tremendous amount from this  experience.

   With that in mind, the next challenge I am seeking is to be President of  CASA. I’m running for this role because I feel it would position me best to  my strengths and allow me to do what I love, working on behalf of those I  represent.  

   CASA has grown immensely in the past few years and I intend to further this  growth. My guiding principles in achieving this goal are three-fold. Part one  is to expand CASA’s reach and retention among JMSB students. Many first-year  students take part in frosh, only to never get involved again. My plan is to  retain that interest by increase the number of frosh leaders and frosh groups  as well as encourage frosh leaders to stay in touch with their froshies  throughout the year. My goal in doing this is that first year students will  be more aware of events taking place and resources available to them.

   Part two of my plan is to improve the academic resources available to  students. We’ve all experienced tutorials that were extremely overcrowded or  felt underprepared for a big test. My plan is to increase the number of  tutorials for classes which consistently face overcrowding. Additionally, I  will focus marketing attention on the other valuable academic resources  available to students such as CASA tutors or workshops run by  subsidiaries.

   My third guiding principle is to improve the reach and quality of  professional resources. I understand that a business degree is only as  valuable as the job you get from it. With this in mind, I will put an  emphasis on raising awareness of the professional resources already available  to students such as the CMS in addition to boosting the number and size of  networking events held throughout the year.

   In short, I believe I am the most qualified and experienced to achieve the  goals of CASA. Goals which I have a plan to achieve. I will continue to work  tirelessly in this effort and encourage everyone to vote in the coming  election!

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