Dariya Starishko

For JMAS President

Hi, I am Dariya Starishko, a 3rd-year student with a double major in Accounting and Business Technology Management. Throughout my academic career, I was actively involved in various organizations, I was a Director of External Affairs at ENGCOMM doing recruitment of participating universities and coordinating their presence during the in-person competition. Joining JMAS as a VP of Industry Recruitment, I got a chance to oversee how an organization connects with the world outside of it, how the sponsorship works, and how teamwork may bring us to the desired results. Moreover, having a chance to be in a leadership position earlier taught me valuable lessons of representing students on the different levels within and outside the school, supporting people, and most importantly HEARING students. I truly believe that we can achieve greater success by listening to each other and implementing changes that our community seeks. Following this logic, the “Represent. Connect. Unite” platform was built.
By becoming a voice of our community, I believe that we will be able to raise important questions and concerns to our faculty. My goal is to give everyone a chance to share the struggles on your path and see how those are addressed to the school. Also, the availability of the tutorials is the key to students' success in the classes. I believe that centralized services will help us better navigate through the practical part of our classes.
By connecting with the different subsidiaries, I hope we will be able to broaden your perception of what an Accounting major can bring to your life. I hope it will help students obtain new skills that will help you land your next internship or start your career.
By building our community we are empowering ourselves. That is why the final goal for the future year is to help you to connect with your classmates, make new friends or just study together independently of what our "New Normal" will be in a year.
I would like to express my extreme gratitude for showing your interest in knowing more about what a future year can bring to us. I am always open to hearing from you, because in the core of “Represent.Connect.Unite” is you, and your feedback helps us to adjust the platform to your needs.

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