Demetre Christopolous

For CASA VP Academic

Hi, my name is Demetre Christopoulos and I am running to be the CASA VP Academics & Student Affairs. My university experience began by volunteering at numerous events, such as JMUCC, and participating in as many social events and academic events as I could, which led me to pursuing and obtaining the position of CASA AVP Academics & Student Affairs.This is why I am very passionate about improving this association’s Academic portfolio.

My focus is on three key academic pillars in order to add value to the student life: 1) Academic Support, 2) Wellness of Students, and 3) Student Community.
Over the course of the past year, I had the goal of increasing the number of classes offered and tutors available in the CASA Peer Tutor Platform, and I was able to achieve it. However, I believe, if elected as VP, I could further increase the number of tutors and classes available, as well as implement new Midterm and Finals tutorials for courses that require additional resources.

Another key pillar is the implementation of more resources that concentrate on students’ wellness. Balancing school and everything else can be challenging and draining. My plan is to have a wellness week each semester to offer workshops and events hosted by CASA and professionals in their field. With the goal of helping JMSB students, these events would include focusing on physical health (yoga, HIIT classes) as well as tips to improve one’s mental health during the semester.

Student Community is a key focus of mine. There will be increased focus on the CASA Mentorship program by having mentors create more workshops and orientation events to help 1​st and 2​nd year students integrate more fluidly into JMSB. In addition, this key pillar would help the Philanthropic part of CASA. It would create more charitable events to give back to the community, such as volunteering at soup kitchens, and preparing gifts for the holidays. This would offer new volunteering opportunities for all students to gain unique experiences and to get out of their comfort zones.

Through these three academic pillars, I would focus on implementing as many new resources, workshops, and opportunities for students to help improve their student life at JMSB.

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