Dorothy Rafael

For JMIBA President

Dorothy is currently athird-year co-op student majoring in International Business and minoring inSustainability Studies. Having been on JMIBA for 2 years, she wants to continuebuilding a long-lasting vision for the program and the association bystrengthening ties between the student community, Career Management Services,and Administration (IBUS Faculty Staff).

Shejoined JMIBA in her second year as the VP of Academics and what surprised herthe most during her mandate was the lack of awareness about the IBUS programand the amazing variety of careers it can lead to. Alongside CMS and the IBUSCommittee (Comprised of Faculty staff administering the program), she’s hasbeen working on clearing up misconceptions about IBUS and improving thecurriculum to provide better learning experiences to IBUS students. Changingthe program has been her vision and long-term project, and as President shewill ensure that the faculty keeps in mind the students’ best interest whenenhancing the curriculum.

As thisyear as Executive Vice President, she supported the president in developingstrategies for the association’s growth and shared all the different managerialtasks involved in rolling out JMIBA's awesome events. She considers her teamlike her family, and as a leader she makes sure that her fellow members growalongside her as they accomplish their goals, all while having fun! She has aclear goal of where she wants to lead the association and the program and willwork on continuing a healthy legacy for JMIBA.

Mostimportantly it’s all about the students – Dorothy is confident in deliveringthe most value in future JMIBA events by taking the time to understand thestudent’s needs. She is ready to collaborate with other associations to build acloser JMSB community. She hopes to continue highly successful events includingExpatriates Conference and the International Business Case Competition, butalso work with CMS to start a shadowing program for IBUS students with partnercompanies. With the help of her team, she has been working on incorporating theannual emerging markets trip as a credited course within the IBUS Curriculum,as well as expanding the course options to compliment the curriculum withtechnical courses from Supply Chain and BTM.

In sum,Dorothy has big plans for the upcoming year to expand the IBUS community andits reputation, and she is committed to ensuring the sustainability of theInternational Business program within JMSB. She may have the right experience,dedication, and vision for the presidential role, but it's only with yoursupport that she'll be sure to keep bringing the best out of IBUS.

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