Dylan Ross

For CASA VP Events

Hey, my name is Dylan and I’m a 3rd year student with a business technology management major and a marketing minor. For the past two years I’ve been actively involved in student life in a variety of ways. Firstly, I have spent 2 years as an executive on the John Molson Sports Marketing committee as both a Director of Marketing and a Vice-President of Internal Relations. Additionally, over the past year I have been competing for the John Molson Competition Committee in disciplines such as Human Resources, Business Ethics and Marketing Contract. Lastly, I have gotten involved in smaller scale events such as being a Frosh leader the past two years as well as being a House Head this year in the CASA Cup event. As with any role, the primary duty within the mandate is to provide value to the student body; but the role of VP Events interests me as it would provide the opportunity to host events that add value of a social nature to students. In terms of the pillars of my campaign, I would like to specifically target Collaboration, Accessibility and Safety. Firstly, collaboration means CASA and its subsidiaries working together, sharing resources as well as hosting events together to provide the most value to the student body. Secondly, accessibility means ensuring the access of events to all students through offering some free events as well as working to keep the cost of attending paid events low. Lastly, safety means ensuring a safe and welcome environment for all students at all events hosted by CASA. Similarly to how consent and substance safety training is mandatory for all those who attend Frosh, I would like to see these become mandatory for other CASA events such as Brewski and the Halloween Party. With all of your support, I can bring these changes to fruition and instill the values of teamwork, accessibility and safety in CASA over the upcoming year.

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