Éloïse Turgeon

For CASA VP Marketing

Hello, my name is Éloïse Turgeon, I am a second-year Marketing major, and I am running to be your next CASA VP Marketing. Over my past two years as a JMSB student, I’ve been able to gain experience in marketing through internships, represent JMSB in case competitions, and work on my own photography projects. I am now confident I have the abilities and determination to carry out my platform goals and thrive in this position.

I am currently CASA’s creative director, working within the marketing portfolio. It has not only been a great learning experience, but it allowed me to bring new perspectives to campaigns and to develop new student initiatives. I strongly believe that as a team, we took this virtual year as a challenge and improved how CASA fits in JMSB through every event we organized. This is exactly what I want to bring back into the role of VP Marketing. As a very creative and organized person, I will strive to improve our event’s marketing efforts and to strengthen the community at our school.

My goal for this upcoming year is to reinforce the sense of community at JMSB. My platform is to make this happen through the use of thought leadership in CASA’s content, an improved CASA Cup, and the optimization of our social media accounts for more representation. Whether the semesters ahead of us are virtual or in-person, I want to provide students with a centralized source of information with, for example, a first-year student’s guide to JMSB and academic events’ key takeaways. This year, we had the opportunity to bring a new initiative, the CASA Cup, to life. I want to give this JMSB wide competition the love it deserves and expand its reach within the student population. Improving the CASA Cup with more engaging content is essential because it has the potential to bring people together. I also want to work on offering more resources on sustainability and workshops to its participants. Finally, I wish to bring in more of the students’ diversity and personality into the marketing of every subsidiary for everyone to feel well represented.

More than ever, it is easy for students to feel lost in a big school, and I am ready to give this position all I have, to make CASA more inclusive and engaging.

Thank you for your consideration,
Éloïse Turgeon

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