Emilie Mines

For CASA VP Marketing

Hi! My  name is Emilie Mines and I’m running for Vice President of Marketing for CASA  JMSB for the 2020-2021 academic year! I’m a 3rd year marketing major and  computer science minor, originally from Vancouver, BC. This year, I’ve been  fortunate enough to be CASA’s Creative Director, and prior to that, I was  Graphic Designer on the John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA). My  involvement over the past 2 years has allowed me to learn a wide variety of  content creation skills and has taught me what kind of marketing our students  love to see.

   If elected, I have 3 main goals:

   1. Engage:  

    Firstly, I want to engage our students by creating captivating content  that generates interest and builds hype around CASA’s services and events. To  me, this means going beyond social media to create exciting, immersive  experiences (like the Frosh website, or the Brewski clothing line). I also  want to set up a year-round CASA clothing line for students to rep the CASA  brand around school!

   2. Expand:  

   My second goal is to grow CASA’s reach, as there are too many JMSB students  who have no idea about all that CASA and its 15 subsidiaries and committees  have to offer. I hope to not only grow CASA’s brand within school, but beyond  the walls of JMSB. I hope to solidify CASA’s marketing in a way that allows  people to not only view CASA JMSB as a student association, but as a  recognizable brand, that has a visual identity that entices new sponsors and  partners to want to take part in what we do and bring new opportunities to  students by consequence.

   3. Evolve:

   My last goal is to maximize the use of all of CASA’s channels (our social  media pages, the CASA JMSB Facebook group, our website and the CASA HUB app)  to promote the growth and succession of the JMSB community. I want to ensure  that CASA evolves with our audience and continues to bring value to students  in new and innovative ways. I’m going to strive to move away from doing  things out of ease or tradition and pave paths that promise long-term success  for CASA and its subsidiaries.

   I hope that you see the value in my goals to ENGAGE, EXPAND AND EVOLVE, and  that we can make them a reality together. If you have any ideas that you want  to see realized, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m always open to  suggestions! My goal is to help you see why I put the EM in Marketing.  ;)

   - Em

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