Gabriel Persechino

For CASA VP External

My  name is Gabriel Persechino and I am running for CASAJMSB vice president of  external affairs in the 2020 elections. I am currently majoring in accounting  at JMSB and have dedicated my first year in university to getting involved.  As vice president of external affairs, I would concentrate on three main  points. The first point would be to work on bringing in more academic  sponsors to support CASAJMSB’s pillar for academia. One of the goals of this  would be to offer more networking opportunities for students and a chance to  develop their careers. Next, I would like to find the balance between  bringing in academic sponsors and social sponsors. The end goal would be to  enhance the student social life as well as back up the first point and  enhance the academic life. Finally, I would like to rework the sponsorship  packages offered to sponsors and develop more long-term sponsorships that  would help all of the CASAJMSB events. In the past year, I had the chance to  be the first-year representative on the CASA team which included shadowing  all of the portfolios and learning about the foundation of the association. I  have also seen firsthand what it takes to be a vice president and I believe  that I have what it takes to be responsible of the external affairs for the  following year. So far, my experience and JMSB has been incredible and I  would only like to make it better for myself, as well as the other students  following the same path.

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