Isaiah Joyner

For Independent Director

My name is Isaiah Joyner, and I am a 3rd Finance major. I am running for Independent director. If you have not officially met me yet, chances are you will throughout your time atJMSB. I am most notably known for asking questions in classes/tutorials, andbeing a social butterfly. I am someone who has a passion for learning andevolving as person. I do this best by getting to know the people around me andthe surrounding environment. This passion allows me to easily adapt to mysurroundings and has helped me make a positive impact on whatever it is that Iam part of. Last year I ran and was elected to be an independent director.Throughout my term I was able to learn a great deal about CASA, Board ofDirects (BOD), and a lot of the amazing services that are available at JMSB.Before the position of independent director was one that was not well known tothe average JMSB student. However, working closely with the other independentdirectors and interacting with all the members of CASA, the independentdirectors were able to establish our own following and really took a proactivestance on interacting with the JMSB community. Having now done the position, ifre-elected, it would severely reduce the turnover for the independent directorsof 2019-2020 would need. This is because I would be able to provide contextfrom my experience from the current BOD. Whether, at a BOD meeting, in class orinteracting with people in the hallways, I keep the same genuine energy. I amnot afraid to ask questions or share my point of view. This past year was agreat one and with your support I hope to help make next year even better!

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