Karina Sperlazza

For JHMA President

Dear students, I amKarina an HR Major and have chosen to run for JHMA’s President.

Throughout myundergraduate career, Concordia was always a place of purpose for me, more thanit was a university. Three years ago, I began working for the University as aStudent Advocate which has given me the ability and skills to assist studentsin times of need. I became heavily involved in Academic events hosted by theUniversity and this year, I was given the opportunity to become JHMA’s first VPOperations. The roles I carry have equally given me insight that I believe setsme apart from other candidates.

In these roles, I haveand continue to listen, support, guide, and take time to understand the needsand concerns of others. I have dealt and managed interpersonal conflict in teamsettings. I have an ability to empathize with others, communicate effectively,face challenges, and deliver what is expected of me.

I have always been afirm believer that experience is an asset that will set you apart from othersand take you far in your academic and professional career. Getting involved andworking beyond the classroom setting can teach you valuable lessons, challengeyou, and give you countless opportunities down the road. This year I waschallenged by taking on a position that was newly created. I was required tocreate an internship program for students, which was named the “L.E.A.D.Program”. This program required a full independent executive team of its own. Iquickly learnt what it meant to be a VP External, Internal, Marketing and howto take on different roles. Did I make mistakes? Of course, I did. Was it easy?Absolutely not. However, I can admit that I understand the hard work andambition it takes to bring projects to life.  

So here is to all JMSBHR and Management students: know that I want to share my vision with others,watch my team grow and succeed. Which is why, if I am elected as President, thevision and goals of students, will be mine as well. If given the opportunity tobecome your President, I will be the voice to make sure that all of yourquestions and concerns are heard. I can offer commitment, dedicate myself toensure that students are able to have opportunities that benefit them beyondtheir academic career.

I want to be president,because it would be a pleasure to lead an organization that I am passionateabout and a new team to greatness. But that’s not the most important part. Whatreally drives me to take on this role is YOU. You, all students in Managementor Human Resources are my purpose. I want to create change. I want to challengeyou. I want to increase your involvement. I want to assist you with developingthe necessary skills needed. But only if YOU let me.

So, let me help youmake your mark at JMSB, let me help you gain experience, and together,let’s make JHMA great again!

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