Leandros Stamatakos

For CASA VP Finance

Hello JMSB!
My name is Leandros Stamatakos. I am a second year Finance Major running for the position of VP Finance for CASA at JMSB’s upcoming 2021 elections!

This past year, I held the role of CASA X Director. This position has allowed me to grow significantly and strengthen my understanding of CASA, its subsidiaries, and JMSB as a whole. The year prior to that, I was a CASA X’s Brand Ambassador, which gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people such as yourselves, at our famous 5X8’s, I can’t wait for our in-person events to return! JMSB and CASA have been a second home to me these past two years and I am hoping to get involved once again in the upcoming academic year through the role of VP Finance.

I truly believe every student should enjoy their university experience as much as I have until now, and it is my hope to provide you with the opportunity to make your experience at JMSB a memorable one.

As your VP finance, there are three main pillars I wish to focus on. First, ensure total financial transparency. I strongly believe it is very important for students to see where and how their student fees are being spent.

Second, use sound judgment when approving expenses and trying to source the most durable and long-term supplies.

Finally, ensure proper communication and collaboration with subsidiaries, specifically their Finance teams, and make myself available and reachable at all times. Through teamwork, I look forward to assisting them in reaching their goals.

My goal in applying for the VP Finance role is to help improve student life and offer them opportunities for a memorable university experience all while keeping a balanced budget. I understand the responsibilities of this position well and I can assure you that I plan to invest myself fully, beginning with the turnover process once and if I am elected.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to have a chat. I can be reached anytime by email at leandros.stamatakos@casajmsb.ca.

Thank you and I hope to be able to COUNT on YOUR vote in the upcoming elections.

Good luck in your online semesters and stay safe.

Leandros Stamatakos

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