Lily Huttemann

For CASA VP Academic

My  name is Lily Huttemann and I am currently a second year student at JMSB,  majoring in Finance and minoring in Law. I am originally from British  Columbia (west coast best coast!!), but after moving to Montreal and  absolutely falling in love with it, I can officially say it’s home - at least  for the moment. This year, I am running for the position of VP Academic on  CASA. After having the incredible opportunity to work on CASA this past year  as Academic Director, I know that I want to keep the momentum rolling and  push the limits of what can be accomplished under the Academic  portfolio.
   My favourite thing about being a student leader is having the opportunity  to be a part of initiatives that reflect the student body’s demands,  expectations, and needs.
   This past year, I worked with the academic portfolio of CASA to bring  events to JMSB like Academic Day at Frosh, NEXT Conference, smaller workshops  throughout the year, and of course the upcoming Business Banquet. Along with  this, I developed the CASA Peer Tutoring platform, which provides affordable  tutoring services in most COMM courses and certain major specific courses.  Next year, I want to continue to provide the same caliber of academic  initiatives to the student body, and expand even further to include the  ever-changing demands of the business world.
   Major interests for me are gender equity, representation, diversity and  inclusion for all students, and to be able to capitalize on innovative ideas  from all areas. My biggest goal for next year is to create environments that  are welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable for all JMSB students, and to  understand better what encourages or discourages attendance at our events, to  be able to cater to a larger portion of our diverse student population.
   I’m committed to collaborating with the academic portfolios of each  subsidiary and association to reach maximum potential, and if elected, I  promise to bring academic initiatives that cater directly to your needs as a  student entering a rapidly developing business world. Looking forward to  what’s next, good luck to everyone running in this year’s elections!

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