Mackenzie Murray

For CASA VP Internal

Hello! My name is Mackenzie and I am running for the position of VP Internal affairs for CASAJMSB. I have spent the last 3 years on CASA and have loved every minute of it. I have learnt so much with regard to student involvement, events, procedures and policies. I have been the VP Internal for CASA for the past two years and am extremely excited to be running for the position again. I have worked incredibly hard on many initiatives and would love the opportunity to finish these opportunities and ensure that they benefit the students and help CASA grow. I will dedicate most of the upcoming mandate on finalizing the many documents I have started, or been working on. I have been working on the following documents ;The CASA Code of conduct, Subsidiary survival guide, BOD survival guide, updating the subsidiary application package, and more. If I am elected, I will be able to finish these initiatives and see these projects through. I will be able to update the documents as the year goes on and ensure that they are complete and thorough. I have been doing the position of VP Internal for the past two years, and I have learnt every aspect of the position. I spent my first year learning, my second year teaching and will spend my third year document the position. The role of VP internal is extremely heavy with regard to rules and regulations, it is a hard position to come into as you need to find abstract rules that are spread over different resources. With my experience, I already have the answers and know all the procedures to execute the role of VP internal. I am updating the Internal handbook with everything I have learnt over the past two years and will be able to add tips and tricks I have learnt along the way. I have been smitten with involvement for the past 3 years and am extremely excited to have the opportunity to be apart of CASA for the 4th year. I have loved my university experience and would love the opportunity to give a great university experience to the students of JMSB. I have a passion for helping students and giving back to my community, and this to me, is amazing way to give back to the JMSB community. I would love the opportunity to hold the position CASA VP internal affaires for the third year. It is a position that I love and am extremely passionate about.

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