Mariia Skubii

For JMIBA President

My name is Mariia Skubii. I am double majoring in Finance and International Business at the John Molson School of Business. Firstly, I would like to share with you my background and where I come from. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. As a child, I was highly engaged in drawing, so I had a chance to finish Art School back in my home country. Aside from that, I was really enjoy learning different languages such as English or French. I speak English already and currently learning French.

While studying back in Ukraine, me and my twin realized that we could expand our horizons. So, in the middle of grade 11 we moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Even though, people know the province as the coldest in Canada, I still enjoyed my high school experience, and it gave me an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and move forward. Coming to Montreal, I already knew that I want to pursue my bachelor’s degree in finance and International Business.

Becoming a student at Concordia University, I tried to get involved as much as I could. Since I was studying International Business I decided to apply and be a First Year Representative for the John Molson International Business Association (JMIBA). Being a first-year representative gave me an opportunity to assist all executive positions and understand what they do. I was able to share details about upcoming events, and disseminate the information relevant for IBUS students. Being Executive Vice President this year, I was helping and supporting our President to achieve JMIBA’s strategic plan. I continuously helped our community to create events which provided value for the students who are studying IBUS.

This year, I am applying to be a president of the John Molson International Business Association, because for me IBUS it is not only about courses which will open the doors to international careers. IBUS is the globalization of my knowledge, globalization of my resources, and globalization of my opportunities. Some will say that the sky's the limit, but in reality, people are not letting themselves out of their boxes to be available internationally.

In the upcoming year, I would like to focus on helping students get more experience out of their International Business degree. I want to focus on having completely zero waste in person events, and focus on having more collaborations with other associations to demonstrate to students more ways to implement International Business with other degrees.

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