Marissa Yap

For CASA VP Academic

My name is Marissa and I’m an accountancy student with a minor in economics. I’m also CASA’s AVP Academic for 2018-19 and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Having never previously been involved in student life, it took me months to figure out how things worked on the fourth floor and to observe what students really needed to succeed academically. As AVP Academic, I learned and absorbed as much information as I could this mandate, so it’s safe to say I still have many ideas for next year and I’m excited to hit the ground running!

Why should you vote for me for VP Academic of CASA? I’m going to keep this simple – EXPERIENCE. For the past 9 months, I realized that CASA’s academic profile has a lot of potential and room for growth. I’ve taken the time throughout my mandate as AVP to figure out what YOU need as well as what we are doing right now that is not working out. This has allowed me to plan and structure the academic profile in order to develop it even more for the next year. Here are 5 things I promise to implement as VP Academic of CASA JMSB:

  1. Final review sessions – FREE final review sessions for more theory-based courses that do not offer any weekly tutorials, such as COMM 210 and COMM 222.
  2. Mentorship programs – Interested in working for a Big 4 firm or working in a tech start up? We’ll pair you up with a suitable senior JMSB student or JMSB alumni and arrange a chat – coffee on us!
  3. Workshops – We all have that one co-worker who says, “Why don’t you use this shortcut? Why don’t you just use a formula?” With more Excel workshops, you can sharpen your skills and show them who’s boss.
  4. CASA+ - This year has been challenging for our in-house peer-to-peer tutoring app, but it was good in a sense that we realized what was not working. I’ve consulted with more experienced people in the field of tutoring and have developed a plan to completely restructure our hiring process to ensure students have more knowledgeable and experienced tutors.  
  5. Improving student life – Not only do we need technical resources to better our academics, but we also need a healthy mind and body to perform better in school! I will  put more focus on mental health awareness, physical fitness, and recharge stations with free coffee and snacks during final exam periods.

Let’s have more academic events! Although CASA is known for organizing amazing 5 a 8s and fun parties that make a huge impact socially, I believe we can broaden the academic profile and offer more to students to make a bigger impact academically. With everything I’ve learned this year as AVP Academic, I know what I need to do. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get this done!

Vote Marissa Yap for VP Academics – because she’s the MVP of academics.

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