Michael Shatawy

For CASA President

Hello everyone! For those of you whom I have not gotten the chance to meet yet, my name is Michael Shatawy and I am running for CASA president of the 2020-2021 academic year. I am a third year Business and Technology Management major minoring in Financial Reporting. My first involvement experience at JMSB was in 2018 when I became a frosh leader. After that first experience, I fell in love with the student life involvement and decided to get involved with CASA in the following year. During the 2019-2020 academic year, I was chosen to become AVP Events of CASA. Throughout the year I’ve participated in the planning of big events such as Frosh and Halloween. I’ve worked on making these events more cost efficient and sustainable.

The main reason why I chose to run for CASA president is because I want to bring more value to JMSB students. One of the main pillars I want to focus on is academics. I want JMSB students to have more support by offering them more resources such as tutors, tutorials and reviews. My main focus for the academic pillar is to work alongside the academic portfolio to improve and promote the tutoring services currently offered on the CASA HUB app. I firmly believe that there is a lot of potential that should be exploited right here in JMSB

Another one of my pillars that I really want to focus on is transparency. Throughout my three years at JMSB, I felt like there was always a barrier between subsidiaries and students. Not only do I want students to be fully aware of all of the activities that goes on in CASA and all the subsidiaries that fall under its umbrella, but I also want to have an open-door policy. I want students to feel more comfortable and hopefully this will encourage them to get involved and enrich their student experience.

This past year, I was fortunate enough to hold a position on CASA and this experience has allowed me to get familiar with how the organization functions. I’ve learned that CASA is much more than what it appears to be, I believe that I have the knowledge to make a difference.

I am a passionate and hardworking individual that cares about putting the students first. I believe with this vision, we can truly enhance student life at JMSB.

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