Neil Kafidi

For CASA VP External

If you asked my friends to describe me in one word, they would probably say "competitive". Whether it be a one on one or a ridiculous challenge, I always look to win. Sports have taught me perseverance and commitment. Qualities that will help me for this position. I'm also a fun guy! I love hanging out with my friends around a bonfire. Finally, I make music for fun! I recently released my first single, "Oranges & Freezies". Give it a listen, and tell me what you think.

  This past summer, I had the opportunity to be a sales representative for PepsiCo and work closely with different sales managers. They taught me how to effectively negotiate with new clients while keeping a great relationship with current ones. Teachings that I believe will be primordial for my role as VP External. Also, this past semester, I had the opportunity to be the VP External for JMoSB. In less than a month, my team and I managed to give lucky student donors incredible products while raising over 25,000$!

  My mandate will be to renew CASA's contracts while introducing new and exciting partners to the CASA family. I will be working closely with Montreal based companies to offer you the best networking opportunities and great discounts. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made this school year unbearable with its restrictions on in-person events. So, I will make sure your 2021-2022 year is a less stressful experience. Hopefully, "papa Legeault" will lower his restrictions. I will also be working hard on getting exciting items for periodic giveaways and contests.

  My value-added is the introduction of the first-ever CASA scholarship. I will be working closely with the upcoming sponsors to offer deserving students support from CASA. The ideal candidate will be a bright student who demonstrated proactivity in his educational development. It will be your opportunity to showcase your new business idea, artistic side, philanthropic endeavors, or participation in the JMSB student life. Hence, grades will not be the sole basis for recognition. My goal is to motivate JMSB students to expand their university experience and get out of their comfort zone! :)

  For my final school year, I am hot to go! CASA VP External might look good on my resume, but it won't be as significant as all the smiles I'll have created from my firm contribution. So, take the deal and vote for Neil! ;)

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