Nicolas Crevier

For CASA VP Finance

Hello,  my name is Nicolas Crevier. I am a second-year finance Major running for VP  Finance of CASA JMSB (What a coincidence). I was first introduced to the  world of finance at a young age and my passion grew from there. My second  passion is sailing, where I had the opportunity to combine both of my  interests into one by managing a six-figure budget in this industry. I  believe that my past experiences, knowledge and eagerness to succeed will  allow me to successfully complete the VP Finance role.

   This past year, I held the role of VP External for CASA Cares and this  opportunity has taught me invaluable skills and improved my understanding on  a multitude financials. Which ultimately, I believe will benefit me in the VP  Finance role. Over the last two years of my life CASA has given me the  opportunity to make great memories but also even better friends at countless  events, cocktails and conferences. That being said, I now believe that I owe  it to CASA and the JMSB community to return the favour and do my part in  allowing every student the same opportunities that were given to me

   As your VP Finance I have three major goals that I would like to accomplish  during my term. My first goal is to increase financial and operational transparency  in an effort to allow students to understand how their fee levies are  utilized. My second goal is maintaining fiscal responsibility and a balanced  budget. Lastly, I would like to improve the turnover process, with a focus on  financials, for all associations and committees in order to facilitate the  operations. I also plan to identify gaps in CASA JMSB’s operations and make  adjustments so that efficiency, student value and profitability are  maximized. Any further revenues made will be reinvested into various events,  campus life and advocacy.

   My goal in taking on the VP Finance role is to improve student life, allow  each subsidiary to reach their goals and provide the students with the utmost  value.
   Ultimately, I am here for you! Please feel free to connect with me via  email or through any other platform if you  have any questions or concerns. It would be my pleasure to connect with you  and ultimately serve you as CASA JMSB’s VP Finance!

   Thank you for coming to my ted talk!

   Nicolas Crevier

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