Nicolas Molina

For JMAS President

Dear  Concordia Students, it’s a pleasure writing to you. The reason for this  letter is to position my platform as a candidate running for the JMAS  presidency 2020-2021. I wish to give you insight as to where I believe this  association should be headed in the near future. Having been on JMAS for two  consecutive terms I’ve noticed patterns, some good, others needing a second  glance.  JMAS’s future revolves around  providing the larger body of Concordia Accounting students with the tools  needed to achieve great success.  
   As a relatively young student, I’m well attached to the needs of our  current students.  I’ve been listening  and learning as to what issues most of us face and what solutions are needed.  I’m not here to hand you the solutions, I’m here to collaboratively work  through them with all of you. Fundamentally, JMAS’s sole purpose is to  integrate itself within the Concordia accounting community and to provide  additional value to all of those within this community.
   Now, how exactly are we going to add additional value?  Well there are three means JMAS use to add  value, we do it through academic events, networking events and lastly through  social events.  Academically, I plan to  make tutorials more flexible by having them live streamed, I will also push  for the publishing of PowerPoints alongside with solutions. In addition, I  plan to bring in CPA students to teach our accounting students how to tackle  ACCO310 and advanced accounting cases. Moreover, they will also be helping  with the hosting of tax workshops which will be teaching students how to file  their own taxes!
    Networking wise, I plan to set up  networking workshops to get you ready for recruitment season. Having  overlooked the recruitment process for Concordia accounting students, I’m  well positioned by knowing the ins and outs on how to maximize your chances  of getting recruited.  In addition, I  will push the agenda to have more opportunities within the industry sector,  seeing as though there’s many opportunities we’re currently not capitalizing  on.
    Lastly, I plan to make JMAS a family  you can rely on. You will have my ears at all time and those of my team  members. To facilitate this communication I wish to have bi-weekly Reggie  meetings where any student can come and to talk to anyone on the JMAS  team.  
   Collaboratively let’s capitalize on opportunities, and strive to be  recognized for what we truly are, great business leaders!

    You can count on me, now can I count on you?

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