Nicole Nadeau

For JMAS President

Hi Accountancy students! My name is Nicole Nadeau and I am running in this year’s elections to be JMAS’ President for the 2019-2020 academic year. Currently, I am one of the Directors of Events on the JMAS Executive team. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand how the events were organized, from choosing venues and food menus to the event strategic planning and overall execution.

Next year, my plans include optimizing the JMAS event schedule while making the events more sustainable in terms of resource allocation and efficiency. JMAS grows at an exponential rate, and this year it has hit a plateau. There are so many events being hosted that it is becoming difficult for you, the student body, to pick and choose which event to go to. That is why I want to remove Winter Cocktail and have this event incorporated into the Accounting X Leadership Conference. This would allow students to attend only one event, as opposed to historically two, with the same overall experience. By maximizing the allocated budgets for each event, the team will be able to provide more value-added and enriching experiences for the accounting study body.

Secondly, JMAS hosted its first edition of the Industry Recruitment Cocktail last November. Overall, the event was a huge success! Its purpose is for industry companies to network with the JMSB student body,sharing valuable insight and job opportunities from their respective organizations. An area I’d like to improve upon would be the timing of the event within the semester. I plan to move it to September when the current CPA Recruitment season is taking place. This change is vital because students will have the opportunity to attend both events within a few weeks of each other.This will allow them to actively compare and contrast the different paths available to them and make a more informed decision regarding their potential future employer.

The last element I’d like to address is the level of student involvement. JMAS has reached the point where it is time to increase our reach to impact the greatest volume of students possible. By performing more classroom presentations, CEGEP presentations and creating a more inclusive social media network where students can ask the executive team questions and receive prompt answers, I think the association’s network of students could grow rapidly. In conclusion, I believe student involvement is a crucial aspect to JMAS’ success. It is our responsibility to make sure you, the students, are aware of the opportunities and resources available for your current benefit,and that will continue to help you beyond your time at JMSB.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I am eager to continue on the JMAS legacy of high-quality output for you, the accountancy student body!

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