Olivia Melisek

For JHMA President

Hey JMSB and fellow Concordians,

My name is Olivia Melisek, and I am excited to be running in the 2021-22 elections for the John Molson Human Resources and Management Association President. As a third-year student in HR & Management, I would make a perfect candidate to represent JHMA, with my extensive experience and knowledge of the unique needs of both majors. My previous and current involvement with JHMA and CASA-JMSB has allowed me to understand the value of encouraging student involvement; along with the benefits and experiences it provides for students. My campaign consists of three keystone pillars I’m looking to represent and fulfill for the students.

Pillar I - Enhance the student opportunity
My goal this year is to provide HR and Management students with the ability to access internships and employment opportunities through JHMA. Being your President, I would ensure that all students get the potential to acquire HR and Management experience before graduating. As your President, I would strive to create several new positions on the executive team to allow for more HR and Management students to become involved and obtain experience with the help of JHMA, to enrich their undergraduate experience.

Pillar II - Collaboration between the CRHA designation & faculty
My goal as President is to bridge the gap between the CRHA and JHMA, and make the CRHA a major collaborator with the association. Building this relationship will provide strong student liaison linkages between the designation and the association to establish impactful connections with the CRHA; allowing for students to have the support, guidance and assistance. As President, I want to create a strong relationship between JHMA and the Management department, as well as individual faculty. My mandate is to create a strong bond between both parties, so that students are available to reach out directly to their professors and course coordinators.

Pillar III - Student career development
As your President, I want to have dedicated career-based workshops, seminars, featuring industry professionals delving deep into the different careers available for HR and Management. This would allow students to discover which career path they are best suited for and the upcoming HR and Management job market trends. An extension of this initiative will be the adoption of a mentorship program for HR and Management students. JHMA’s mentorship program will connect students with senior year students who can support, guide and integrate students into achieving their learning and career aspirations.

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