Patrick Yaremko

For CASA VP External

Voting for Patrick Yaremko is a vote for experience, progress and creativity. Over the course of my two years at JMSB, I have had the honour to serve my student community first as JHMA’s First Year Rep and then as CASA’s AVP External. In that time, I have developed the necessary skills to maximize the value that the External position provides. With two years of campus involvement and a year working in CASA’s External portfolio, I believe that I can hit the ground running and provide students with more memorable events, better deals and greater opportunities for employment. I firmly believe that students should be able to point directly at the value the External position provides them on a daily basis and that businesses have a right to see directly how partnering with CASA is bringing them closer to students. If elected I plan to:

  • Put more emphasis on discounts and deals so that every student can feel the direct effects of CASA sponsorship and so that the economic burden of being a student is a little lighter.
  • Create customized partnership opportunities and build stronger long-lasting relationships between students and the corporate world.
  • Open CASA up to the network of business associations across Canada to share with, learn from and bring back the best ideas these schools have to offer.
  • Work with subsidiary externals, promote cooperation between subs and help them in their mission to deliver value to JMSB students through moderated sessions where they can share ideas, initiatives and areas where they are struggling.
  • Expand the networking opportunities for JMSB students by hosting business networking events at Cafés in the off-weeks from CASA’s 5x8s.
  • Create exposure opportunities for future entrepreneurs by connecting them with recent grads who have gone down the path of entrepreneurship.
  • Launch a mental health initiative and street team to help students cope with stress and end the stigma around mental health.
  • Increase the input from students into the sponsorship process and give them a voice in who they want to see partner with us.

I was very lucky to have been given a chance to serve CASA’s student community over the last year and I plan to keep doing so when I step into the role of VP External next year. If you elect me to be your External representative I promise to deliver nothing but the best to the JMSB community.

And don’t forget: If you want someone who charms, vote Patty Yarms.

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