Philippe Dion

For CASA President

Hi everyone! For those who don’t know me yet, my name is Phil. I am running for the CASA President position for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am majoring in Finance with a minor in Data Intelligence. Since my first year at JMSB, I have been very involved with the JMSB student associations. I started as a Brand Ambassador for CASA X promoting events for students and this year, I was appointed to be a Director for CASA X. Some of my tasks included managing the team of 15 first year brand ambassadors, as well as planning and organizing the bi-weekly 5x8. I have also represented JMSB’s delegation in the Jeux du Commerce (JDC) for the past 2 years.

I am currently running for the CASA President position because I want to bring more value to JMSB students. I want to improve the academic support that JMSB students are offered by adding more tutorials and review sessions, as well as continuing the improvement of our peer tutoring app CASA+. As a CASA+ tutor myself, I strongly believe that JMSB students can benefit a great amount from this platform and, that with some improvements, the students would not have to rely on third-party tutorials.

I think I’m a great fit for this position based on my leadership skills, my motivation to improve the JMSB experience, as well as my work ethic and determination to achieve my goals. Since my first day being involved within JMSB, my goal has and always will be to improve. From informing new students about what the associations can offer, to teaching others a course they are struggling with, I am determined to help students have the best experience at JMSB as possible.

My experience within CASA for the past 2 years has allowed me to become familiar with the ins and outs of CASA. From how the subsidiaries are organized, to the events that CASA and the subsidiaries plan throughout the year, all the way to the internal structure and how each of them can be improved, I want to provide better value to you, the JMSB students. I strongly believe that with better collaboration and communication between the subsidiaries, we can improve the quality of the events offered to students.

I want to create more awareness for the students. I am aware that there is a barrier between the students and the associations, and I want to make sure that a bridge is created to improve the flow of information from associations to students to allow for a more successful experience overall.

I am confident that with this vision, we can push JMSB’s student life to the next level.

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