Rita Belarbi

For CASA VP External

Hello everyone.

My name is Rita Belarbi and I am a 3rd year finance student at JMSB. I have had the opportunity to be involved in CASA this year as the Director of External Affairs. This position has allowed me to create sponsorship opportunities for students, to manage several responsibilities linked to the external portfolio, and most importantly, to bring value to student life at JMSB.

I would love to continue my goal of better serving students’ interests through diverse sponsorship opportunities and several initiatives! I am a candidate who truly cares about the student body and I really want to bring them the best university experience, most especially during this uncertain time.

Therefore, I am presenting my candidature as CASA’s Vice-President of External Affairs for this upcoming year.

Through this position I wish to bring forward my 3 main missions:  

1)        Increasing and Improving networking opportunities for students.

In today's environment, being in contact with employers is more important than ever to gain access to job opportunities. As VP External, I would make sure to provide as many recruitment opportunities as possible for students. If I am elected, I plan to create new initiatives such as multiple virtual coffee chats with recruiters and to bring CASA’s main networking events to another level. In order to maximize networking opportunities for all, I intend to create a series of workshops with human resources professionals from various companies. These workshops would cover topics such as Do’s and Don’ts in a CV and how to better be prepared for an interview.

2)        Increasing discounts and offers for students

I plan to negotiate with diverse companies in several industries such as Arts, entertainment and recreation, accommodation, food services and insurance, in order to offer discounts and offers to JMSB students. Those discounts would be available throughout the CASA HUB APP.

3)        Continuing to grow CASA’s long-term sponsorship strategy

If I am elected, I will continue to grow our long-term sponsorship strategy. This type of sponsorship is key for social and academic events. Building and maintaining strong relationships with sponsors is an ongoing process and I will make sure to excel at it in order to better serve student’s interests in the long term.

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