Safwan Hye

For JSBA President

“I’ll  do whatever it takes to win games, whether its sitting on a bench waiving a  towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning  shot.” – Kobe Bryant
   My name is Safwan Hye and I am a 4th year Accounting and Business Technology  Management student. Throughout my time at Concordia, I have had the  opportunity to work with student associations both within and outside of  CASA. And this year, I have decided to share all the insights I have gained  with my fellow BTM, SCOM, and DI students as the President of John Molson  Supply Chain and Business Technology Association (JSBA) and set you guys up  for taking that game-winning shot.
   The first point I’d like to focus on is to increase the visibility of JSBA  and engage more with our student body. To accomplish my goal, I will ensure  to have dedicated office hours for every single executive member throughout  the year. I will also work with the other members of the team to increase our  presence at Frosh, conduct class talks at the beginning of the each semester  all to aware the student body what our plans are for the entire year and all  the different resources we will have for you.
   The second point is to ensure quality tutorial for classes like BTM 380,  382, SCOM 363, and 372. I will also work on bringing in professionals to  share what are the current trends in the field and what skills are the  employers are looking for to get into those fields. To help you guys succeed,  we will be increasing our diversifying our workshops as well.
   Currently JSBA has 3 events throughout the year; Meet & Greet, the DASH  and the DOT Conference. I plan on adding one more event that is more on the  fun side of things like the Casino Night by John Molson Accounting Society,  so the students can destress and have fun. This will also act as an  icebreaker between the executive team and the student body.
   Please reach out to me via social media or come talk to me in person to  know more about my platform or if you have any questions or suggestions for  me. I’m here for you and it’d be a privilege to get elected as the President  of JSBA and set you guys up for taking that game-winning shot!

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