Sam Segal

For CASA VP Marketing

Let me spill the royal-tea, there’s a new ruler in town

They say he measures up… when he puts on the crown.

He won’t fail his royal subjects, but here comes the test,

Can he pun and rhyme all the majors? Let’s see him at his best.

With MANA he’ll manage, cuz success is theirs for the taking,

He’ll work closely with their HR, learn about their decision making.

He can account on ACCO students, he doesn’t find them taxing,

He’ll help them BCOMM (be calm), he finds it relaxing.

He’ll invest his time with FINA, of this he is not afraid,

With the security of finance students, why would he ever trade?

He’ll help BTM students mine for that data,

Because if you can pass BTM 440, you’re an alpha not a beta.  

He’ll be a voice for IBUS students before they go global,

He’ll help them day and (k)night, it’s the best way at being noble.  

Information for SCOM students he’ll be sure to supply,

He’ll be the chain (change) the school wants to see, for logistics reasons, he’ll try.

Finally, he’ll hit the MARK with marketing, to him it’s a breeze,

For marketing students old and young, he’ll demonstrate the 4 P’s,

The Product we all know, it’s the Pun King Sam Segal,

The Promotion is this poem, so fire it shouldn’t be legal.  

The Place is CASA, with its home of JMSB

The Price is a vote for a great year ahead, so cast your vote for me.

All rhymes and puns aside for a bit…

Starting with JMMA’s embassy and then moving onto its executive team has given me 2 years of experience at JMSB. It lead me to this point, ready to achieve the best for all JMSB students. Should I win this election, I have 3 main goals for next year.

Firstly, I will make sure that CASA is there for all students and that it’s truly accessible to everyone. I want to see more students aware of what is going on within the school.  

Secondly, I want to start marketing workshops and “marketing fieldtrips”, catered to those interested in learning about what marketing majors/minors can do post-graduation. These will be like “firm tours” but on the marketing side of things, and it will truly allow for students interested in marketing to know what paths lie ahead for them.

Lastly, I will redo the CASA clothing line; it needs to be modernized. Post graduation I have the goal of working in the fashion industry, so I can’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t give you, the students, a chance to rep CASA in something that you actually WANT to wear.

When the year starts, there will be so many things that we, as JMSB, can accomplish. I know that as a school we are destined for new heights, and I hope I can be a part of the team who brings us there.

Vote Sam Segal the Pun King 4 VP Marketing

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