Simon Bel

For CASA VP Events

Hello everyone,

My name is Simon Bel and I am beyond excited to announce I am running for the VP Events position for CASA 2019-20 executive team.

For next year, my campaign is focused around 2 points: Experience and Creativity. As a candidate for VP Events, I plan on using my knowledgeable experience and my ability to collaborate creatively with others in order to create some of the most inclusive, fun and impressive events CASA has ever seen.

Experience: I’m a second-year BTM student and I am currently CASA’s Associate VP of Events. As AVP events, I have worked strategically throughout the year to ensure all of our events, large or small, were successful from conception to execution. Here are some of the major projects I worked on this year that make me perfectly suited for the VP Events position:

  • Frosh: 5-day Shrek-themed Frosh brought together over 700 first-year students for a week-long of bonding.
  • Halloween: Our 2,200 attendee “Harry Potter” themed Halloween party at l’Olympia was met with incontestably positive feedback and was a great opportunity to debut our RFID cashless payments.
  • Brewski Ski Trip: I also worked extremely hard to create the first ever JMSB ski retreat aka Brewski. With over 180 attendees, we can safely say this weekend was a great success (after conducting a survey, 85% of attendees rated this event as a 5/5).

I fully understand the position of VP Events at CASA. This will let me be more efficient in planning next year’s event as I already know the Dos and Don'ts of this role.

Creativity and New initiatives for 2019-20:

  • Startup Day: new initiative in collaboration with the CASA Academic portfolio to promote Montreal's vibrant startup culture to students. I will be bringing in Startup founders to JMSB in an interactive setting.
  • Loyola Winter Festival: We will be having an outdoor winter festival event on the Loyola football field. This winter event will be an amazing opportunity for new winter students to discover the JMSB student life and a wonderful welcome back for all students.
  • CASA Internal communication: I will improve internal communication for all the VP Events of each CASA subsidiaries. Begining the year with a roundtable meeting to discuss our year's events together, I will create and maintain a shared Events Google Calendar as well as an updated facebook group in order to further promote collaboration.)
  • RFID Electronic Bracelets: They are electronic bracelets connected to a centralized platform. From there, Students can create their accounts and use it for everything, without ever needing a wallet. This helps us increase efficiency, security and overall staff organization. I plan on implementing it during all of our events next year, starting with a customized set for Frosh.

I plan on integrating new ideas into the CASA group in order to bring the organization to the next level. Thanks to my experience and creativity, I believe I have to right drive and passion to become VP of Events for the year 2019-20.

Thanks for your time!

Simon Bel

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