Sofia Vishnevska

For CASA VP Internal

My name is Sofia Vishnevska and I am a third-year supply chain management student, with a minor in data intelligence. I will be running for the VP Internal Affairs’ position for the 2021-2022 CASA team.

If you have ever spoken to a student leader, I am sure they have told you that getting involved is the best decision they have made during their University journey. From my first year at JMSB, I have been lucky enough to be a member of an executive team. All different roles that I have held have allowed me to grow on a personnel-level as well as develop vital skills used in my professional life. My current role as CASA’s VP Internal has allowed me to lead the CASA Cup as well as assist the CASA subsidiaries with various administrative inquiries.

One opportunity for growth that I see for CASA and the student body is to further develop the CASA Cup. This new initiative that was originally introduced to increase engagement and preserve a sense of community during the online semester has proven to be much more successful than first envisioned. I strongly believe that it has the possibility to become a permanent initiative and expand tremendously once we are back to in-person learning.

Moreover, the Fall 2020 semester has shown that there is a lack of communication between CASA & the student body. Many students are questioning the role of the subsidiaries during an online semester. Important decisions are made at the student board level that impact all of us. Topics that are worth getting the students’ attention and opinions should be discussed in a more collaborative way. I believe that more efforts should be put into communicating and getting the student body’s input on events, resources, and ways to improve what we are offering both for an online or in-person setting.  

On a final note, I thank you for taking the time to visit my platform & encourage you to vote as it is your duty to elect students who you believe are worthy of holding an executive position and will be able to properly represent you, the student body.

Sofia Vishnevska

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