Sofia Vishnevska

For CASA VP Internal

My  name is Sofia Vishnevska and I am a second-year supply chain management  student. I will be running for the VP Internal Affairs’ position for the  2020-2021 CASA team.

   If you have ever talked to a student who is part of an association or  committee, I am sure they have told you that getting involved is the best  decision they have made in University. For the past two years, I have been  fortunate enough to be part of CASA Cares which is the non-profitable branch  of JMSB. I not only had the chance to work with a group of passionate and  dedicated people, but had the opportunity to improve my business  communication skills while contributing to a great cause.

   After holding a first-year representative and director of events position,  I am ready for some new challenges. Being CASA’s VP Internal will allow me to  continue to acquire new skills while serving you, the student body. I believe  my previous experience on a subsidiary would contribute largely towards my  success in this role. Although it is also important to note that  organization, a skill crucial to the position, is one I have always  inherently excelled at.

   One opportunity I see for the CASA team and its subsidiaries is bringing  more awareness to the different role responsibilities and requirements, as  well as the application process for its team. Positions such as VP finance or  VP events are usually well-known, but many others often bring confusion to  students who were not previously involved. In order to reach out to those who  do not know much about the inner workings of CASA and its subsidiaries, I  believe it would be beneficial to provide students with information about  each role through year-round information sessions or workshops, not only  during the application period in March.

   On a final note, I thank you for taking time to visit my platform &  encourage you to vote as it is your duty to elect students who you believe  are worthy of holding an executive position and will be able to deliver  successful events.

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