Sydney Kletnieks

For JMAS President

Hi! My name is Sydney Kletnieks, I’m a third year accounting student, minoring in marketing, and I’m running to be the 2021-2022 JMAS President! I’m running on a platform of (1) Academic support, including flexible tutorials for students and tutors, (2) Career path guidance, and (3) Making ACCO fun.

Before I go into my platform, let me tell you a bit more about myself, lightning round! I’m 22 years old, I live off island in Saint-Lazare and I have a shitzhu doggo named Rocky. I’ve travelled a bit, but not nearly enough, and once it’s safe to travel, you’ll be able to find me in Paris! My go to drink is a G&T, and lastly, I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding. Now let’s get back to my platform.

First, I will strive to provide you with better academic resources and tutoring. We learned from virtual classes that for many students, the class isn’t enough. With that being said, I will work with the faculty to provide students with more academic resources outside of the classroom to help them thrive. Additionally, I plan on making tutorials more flexible for students and tutors alike.

Second, I want to help you find a career you’ll love. I understand that there has been a movement away from the typical audit path for some students. This may leave some students feeling lost or confused about their future. I will utilise the knowledge and value available from industry accounting to help guide your career path and choose a career you’ll love.

Lastly, I will bring the fun back to accounting! I understand how some can see accounting as boring, however, I will show you that this is not the case. I will create this sentiment by revamping some of JMAS’ events, expanding our community outreach, and collaborating with other associations and committees.

You might be thinking, why do I want to be the president of JMAS? For one, I’m passionate about accounting and its opportunities. More importantly though, I want to help YOU succeed academically, socially, and professionally. Let’s create an unforgettable university experience and prepare you for a fulfilling career. VOTE Sydney for JMAS President!

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