Welcome to CASA JMSB
your new family

While the course curriculum at JMSB provides you with theoretical knowledge to succeed in the business world, there is no experience equivalent to getting involved with CASA and its subsidiaries. You can learn new job skills at an Excel or programming workshop, attend conferences exposing you to new fields and interests, and make vital connections at networking events that might just land you an internship or full-time job. Becoming a member of an executive team will provide you with real-world experience that will prepare you for your next step after graduation.

Whether this is your first year, last year, or somewhere in between, a big part of making the most out of your time at JMSB will be the commitment that you make to your studies and your involvement with extracurricular activities.

If you have any questions or concerns about who we are or what we do, our CASA team is always available and eager to hear what you have to say. Please do not hesitate to stop by our office (MB 4.105) or reach out directly to info@casajmsb.ca.

the casa Executives

Michael Shatawy


Patrick Yaremko

Executive Vice president

Rosanna Ferraro

VP Academic

Chelsey Sahakian

VP Events

Gabriel Persechino

VP External

Nicolas Crevier

VP Finance

Emilie Mines

VP Marketing

Sofia Vishnevska

VP Internal

Demetre Christopoulos

AVP Academic

Ally Apostolidis

AVP Events

William Bernasconi

AVP External

Steven Camia

AVP Finance

Robert Doche

AVP Marketing

Eloise Turgeon

Creative Director

Leandros Stamatakos

CASA X Director

Serena Tierney

CASA X Director

Rita Belarbi

External Director


CASA X is a team of first-year students who promote and organize academic, philanthropic & social events all year round. We believe that university it not just about classes, exams, and waiting for the elevator, but also about making lasting friendships and creating lifetime memories.

CASA X hosts signature 5a8’s (Dubbed 5X8’s) nearly every second Thursday for JMSB students to unwind after a week of classes. Each week has a new location and theme along with new food and drink deals, contests, and FREE STUFF!

Composed of 15-20 first year "Brand Ambassadors" (BAs) that are selected each year in September, CASA X also offers first-year students a chance to get involved and gain valuable skills. Under the guidance of the CASA X Director and the CASA Executive team, Brand Ambassadors ensure that each CASA X event is a successful one.