As an officially accredited student association, CASA is guided by its governing documents: its Constitution and operational Book of Policies. These documents together help ensure we are steered in the right direction and constantly fulfilling our mission to add value to student life at JMSB.


Book of policies

The policies in this section are Official University Policies. They are only available in this electronic format.  Should there be a conflict with a policy posted elsewhere, the policies on this page will be considered official and the most up-to-date.
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) is the highest governing body of the Commerce and Administration Students’ Association (CASA) and is empowered to set policies and regulations. The BoD is made up of 20 voting directors who are responsible for voting on a variety of decisions that impact CASA’s strategic advancements and most importantly, your student experience. These decisions range from CASA’s governing policy to budgeting for subsidiary associations and appointing employees on behalf of CASA.

As per the CASA Constitution, the CASA Board of Directors is comprised of Voting Directors and Non-Voting Directors.

Voting Directors are the following elected members creative a maximum of 20 votes:

  • The CASA President (1)
  • Each CASA Vice President (6)
  • Each Association President (6)
  • Appointed Presidents of JMCC and JMUCC (2)
  • A maximum of five Independent Directors (5)

Non-Voting Directors are the following members:

  • CASA Associate Vice Presidents
  • CASA Executive Vice President
  • A maximum of two Alumni Directors

Independent Directors

Five of the 20 voting directors are elected by all JMSB Students at large and are meant to represent the interests of all JMSB students on the Board; these voting directors are known as your Independent Directors. We, your Independent Directors, are here to serve and represent YOU. We work with YOU and for YOU. You can benefit from everything CASA has to offer. Simply let us know about your questions, concerns, and project ideas.

David Bayat

2nd Year Finance student

Fun Fact: I sang opera for 8 years. I am very excited to represent you this upcoming year.

My priority will be to make sure that you, the people of JMSB, enjoy and profit from all the events that CASA and the subsidiaries have planned for you. I will assist, inform and help you take advantage of all the resources available to you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns; I am here for you and I will do my best to make your wishes come true.

Harrison Kirshner

4th Year Management & Human Resources student

I have been involved in various committees and programs at JMSB and I encourage every student to get involved as it has changed my entire university experience.

As a voting member I look for transparency and honesty in all actions provided with student funds. I encourage all students to attend board meetings, which are held every second Tuesday of each month. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an email and we can meet!

Isaiah Joyner

3rd Year Finance student

Fun Fact: I know everyone.

I make it my mission to do my best to give off positive energy to anyone I meet. Apparently, I know everyone so please bear with me if I don't get your name right the first couple of times. If you have any issues or just have a question about what CASA can do for you, stop me when you see me or slide into my DMs anytime.

Olivia Melisek

3rd Year Economics & Computer Science student

Fun Fact: I have lived in 9 different countries, 7 of which were on the African continent!

I look forward to serving you and your interests this year and helping you make the best of your JMSB experience in any way possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns about anything related to JMSB or even Concordia feel free to reach out to me via email or on any social media platform. Also, don’t be shy to stop me in the hallway or even in class to ask questions and or introduce yourself, I love meeting new people so don’t be shy!

Jordan Cohen

Accounting student

Fun Fact: I've worked with at least eight CASA organizations and been on an exchange, so I've got a lot of knowledge to share!

I've worked with several CASA subs and recommend to everyone to get involved! It's great for learning soft skills and also for your social life. I'm more than happy to talk to students interested in doing any of these things and learning more about being involved!

Board of Director Meetings

Our monthly Board of Director Meetings are used as an opportunity to discuss important issues students are facing, review the operations of CASA and its Subsidiaries, and make sure that CASA as an organization is properly representing its members. These meetings are open to all CASA members and JMSB students. Meeting dates can be found below.

Attend one of our Board of Directors meetings! Please contact for location details.