Case competitions
at the highest level


The John Molson Competition Committee (JMCC) runs the largest case competition program inthe world. We select, train, and send over 150 undergraduate JMSB students to represent ourschool in regional, national and international case competitions every year.

Where do we compete?

These are the largest competitions JMCC attends. Jeux du Commerce (JDC) regroups Quebec business schools, whereas JDC Central (JDCC) and Inter-Collegiate Business Competition(ICBC) regroups Eastern Canadian business schools.

Human Resources Symposium (November), Financial Open (February) and Happening Marketing (March) are smaller and major-specific competitions where we represent JMSB. These are open to any major and help students really get an edge in their undergraduate career.

We send students to prestigious competitions around the globe. Some of the main competitions we attend take place in the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Serbia, Guatemala, and more!



If you’re super opinionated and love arguing topics of any worldly mater, debate is for you. Our debate program focuses on federal legislation and persuasive speaking skills, with teams made up of 4 students.


First team to fire their buzzer gets to answer the question. If rapid fire questions excite you and you have a knack for memorization, quiz is for you. Our quiz teams compete at HR, HM, and FO and focus on one of three business topics: human resources, marketing or finance.


Are theater, costumes, improvisation, academic cases, jokes and having a lot of fun right up your alley? Apply for social and you will never regret it!


Are you passionate about stocks, trading and the world? Stock Simulation is for you! This discipline competes against other schools in live pit stock simulations (think NYSE) and stock pitches.


JMCC recruits for 5 sports teams every year - if you’re hyper about competition, got the team spirit and the pride, you might have what it takes to be a JMSB Vanguard.

Brand Ambassadors

You have a creative spirit, party animal instincts, and solid HOT TO GO energy, apply for the ambassador position. This position is a great entry-level for those wishing to learn more about case competitions!


Tackling real business problems, crack cases from real companies and develop your analytical and problem-solving skills in teams of three to four students. Our academic competitors focus on a specific discipline as listed below:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • MIS
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • 24 hour Interactive Case
  • International business
  • Project Operations Management
  • Tax

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be a JMSB student?

Yes, these competitions are only open to JMSB major business students.

2. Do I need experience to join?

Not at all! We have a comprehensive program to prepare our delegates for competition. During tryouts, we simply look for passion, great teamwork skills and good oral speaking capabilities.

3. Are there fees to join?

Yes, the fees depend on which competition which you attend. Our fees are greatly subsidized and cover your competition registration, team gear, food, hotel and transportation.

4. When are the tryouts?

Academics: Tryouts take place in May, June and July*.

Debate: The first round of tryouts is held in June*. The second round of tryouts targeted at new students is held in September.

Stock Simulation: Tryouts are held in June*.

Sports, Social, Quiz, and Brand Ambassadors: Tryouts take place in early September.

HR Symposium: Early September

Financial Open & Happening Marketing: Early October

*Skype tryouts are also an option for those out of Montreal during the summer months.

General Recruitment starts in April and continues through until September for select disciplines. Recruitment for international competitions happens internally and is year-round.

Contact Us

John Molson Competition Committee (JMCC)
514-848-2424 ext 2855