2019 casa elections

The 2019 General Elections of the Commerce and Administration Students’ Association (CASA JMSB) will take place January 21st to February 14th.

Our Candidates

Elections Schedule

Awareness Period: Jan 21st-Jan 27th 2019
Nomination Period: Jan 28th-Feb 1st 2019
Campaigning Period: Feb 4th-Feb 10th 2019
Polling Period: Feb 11th-Feb 14th 2019

Available Elected Positions

CASA Executive Team

  • CASA President
  • CASA VP Finance
  • CASA VP External Affairs
  • CASA VP Internal Affairs
  • CASA VP Academic & Student Affairs
  • CASA VP Events
  • CASA VP Marketing

CASA Subsidiary Associations

  • President of JMAS (John Molson Accounting Society)
  • President of JMIBA (John Molson International Business Association)
  • President of JHMA (John Molson Human Resources & Management Association)
  • President of JSBA (John Molson Supply Chain & Business Technology Association)
  • President of FISA (Finance & Investment Students’ Association)
  • President of JMMA (John Molson Marketing Association)

other positions

  • Independent Directors of the Board (5 positions available)

Closer to the election period, we will be posting details on information sessions that all the students interested will be able to attend.

2019 Candidates

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