FISA, along with its subsidiaries, seeks to shape the next generation of finance professionals by offering conferences, workshops firm tours, networking cocktails, and case competitions.
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The John Molson Human Resources and Management Association is a student-run organization representing both JMSB majors. JHMA hosts social and academic events, which look to connect students, industry professionals, faculty, and alumni.
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JMAS strives to enhance the university experience of accounting students by providing them with opportunities to bridge the gap between the CPA Order, accounting professionals, faculty members and their peers.
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Our mission at the John Molson International Business Association is to to supplement the IBUS curriculum with innovative and interactive experiences aiming to compliment students' in-class learning.
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The John Molson Marketing Association sets out to create something for marketing enthusiasts that’s new and unique. JMMA’s events and workshops add a splash of color to the degrees of marketers-to-be.
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The John Molson Supply Chain and Business Technology Association represents students in the Supply Chain Operations Management, Business Technology Management, and Data Intelligence disciplines at JMSB.
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OUR Committees

CASA Cares

CASA Cares is a volunteer-based organization whose mission is to contribute to improve the lives of those in need, to inspire students to get actively involved in their community, and to promote social awareness and responsibility within JMSB.
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The Concordia Real Estate Club (CREC) is the first real estate oriented club at Concordia University and our goal is to educate and enlighten students from across Montreal on the various aspects of the real estate industry.
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Enactus is an international organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.
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The John Molson International Committee strives to create memorable semester abroad experiences to both incoming and outgoing university exchange students by organizing trips, local excursions, events and workshops.
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The John Molson Competition Committee runs the largest case competition program in the world. We select, train, and send over 150 undergraduate JMSB students to represent our school in regional, national and international case competitions around the globe.
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The John Molson Sports Marketing Committee has established itself as a leader in the world of sports and business education by organizing several events that aid students interested in pursuing a career in the sports business industry.
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Each year since 2009, the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition welcomes twenty-four universities from around the world to compete in four real-life business cases where students can network with their peers and business professionals.
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The John Molson Women in Leadership committee engages, educates and empowers the JMSB student body by capturing their attention through marketing campaigns, initiating insightful discussions on gender equality, and providing tangible skills that can directly impact their leadership. Stay tuned for great events coming your way!
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JSEC represents sustainable business within the Concordia University community. By working with industry, faculty, and students, we are working to develop the sustainability community within Montreal and beyond.
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