CASA JMSB’s Peer Tutoring Program is a resource that aims to help JMSB students succeed throughout their academic journey. Emphasizing helping students with challenging courses, the program provides students with the opportunity to connect with highly qualified and carefully selected tutors. 

Building upon the success of previous years, the program has decided to expand its offerings by increasing the number of midterm and final review sessions. These review sessions are an excellent opportunity for students to consolidate their learnings, test their knowledge, and get answers to any questions they may have. 

By taking advantage of CASA JMSB’s Peer Tutoring Program, students can continue to excel and achieve their academic goals. To find out more information about this program, please email


CASA JMSB’s Peer Mentorship Program is specifically designed to help first year JMSB students transition into life in Montreal and adapt to demanding university schedules. Our carefully selected Peer Mentors are available to provide students with help in all aspects of their lives.

To apply, students must fill out a quick personality questionnaire. Our team will then look at the applications and match the students with an excellent mentor. Once matched, and from this point forward, it will be up to the student and the mentor to communicate and organize meetings based on their individual schedules. 

To find out more about this program, please email


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